Brutalist Bronze 5-Piece Door Furniture Set with Abstract Design


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A square Brutalist bronze door handle with abstract design, together with matching letterbox cover, keyhole plate and two bell-push plates, European, second half of the 20th century - we would guess 1970s.

The items in this set have been left as found. They have lots of patina and each show differing tones from varying levels of use over time; there are minor signs or wear in line with age and use, including visible green tones as shown in the images and the occasional trace of old paint.

The handle can be used either way up; the bracket sits below the curved part of the design. The item is fitted to the door using two long bolts (not supplied) as suit the thickness of your door and the weight of the metal. The letterbox cover simply lifts to reveal the frame behind, which can be screwed into place. The bell-push plates will require new screws to fit the threaded holes on the reverse.

Approximate dimensions:

- Main plate of the handle is approximately H 15 cm x W 15.3 cm.
- The depth from the face of the door to the front face of the handle is approximately 7 cm.

- L 26 cm x H 7 cm x D 2.4 cm

Keyhole plate
- H 5.5 cm x W 5.5 cm x D 1.3 cm

Bell-push plates (each piece)
- H 7.7 cm x W 7.8 cm x D 1.8 cm.

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